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5 Stars - "I couldn't turn each page fast enough, as the pace was swift and some parts intense, to the point I wanted to peek to the ending to see what happens.!"

5 Stars -  "Claiming Forever is a story about love and taking chances. This is a fast pace novel with more suspense and action than the previous two books and all loose ends are tied up."

5 Stars - "All in all I was thoroughly entertained by this series and highly recommend it!"

The sizzling, heartbreaking conclusion to Ainsley and Sebastian's story—for now.

It happened. I knew it would. I fell in love with Sebastian, and I told him.

His response was silence and a look of utter horror.

What did I expect, for him to love me back? He's made it clear from the beginning that can't happen.

Walking away would be the smart choice. I have dreams to follow, and a new life to start far away.

But then Sebastian springs an offer on me that’s as terrifying as it is tempting. It’ll change everything between us and everything in my life.

Do I want to do it? Yes. Am I going to? I don’t know.

When I finally decide to take the leap and follow my heart, tragedy strikes, leaving me shattered, filled with regret, and with memories of the love I had but lost.

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