Want free books?

Would you like free books? Of course, you would!


I'm always adding to my ARC (Advance Review Copy) team – a group of readers who will read my books before they’re available, and post reviews as soon as the books are launched. If you're interested in joining keep reading! 

What do you get from joining the ARC team? Free review copies! I send you a BookFunnel link where you get your free eBook. You read it, write a review, and post the review when the book goes live. You’ll need to post on Amazon, but posting on other retailers and review sites like Goodreads is also very much appreciated.

What do I get out of it? Reviews! Reviews are important to all authors. Plus, reviews help potential readers decide whether they want to take a chance on an author.


Honest reviews. If you get a review copy, you're not obligated to write the most glowing review ever. I certainly hope you won’t pan the book, but if you don’t love it for whatever reason, that’s okay. Please write more than “nice book” or “didn’t like it.” This request is partly because I really, genuinely want to know what you enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) in the book, but more importantly because reviews with so little detail aren’t helpful to readers. Readers want to know what specifically you liked or didn’t like about the book in order to make their own decision. However, a review isn’t a book report – don't stress about it. Write you're opinion. What you liked and disliked, and if you'd recommend the book or other novels in the series. That's all. 

You must have reviewed at least one of my books already. Why? This is just so I know you’re actually willing to write a review.  If you’re interested, sign up now!

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