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5 Stars - "This sequel will leave you panting for more!"

5 Stars -  "It is impossible to not love these two characters and hope that they get their HEA."

5 Stars - " The dialogue between the two is fantastic as they banter and flirt."

The steamy, suspense-filled sequel to Risking Forever: vol 1. 

The alcohol didn’t make me do it. The attack by a drunk party guest didn't make me, either.

I can't even blame it on the flirty dare Sebastian gave me the moment before I claimed his lips with a kiss. While each contributed to the incident, I did it because I’m selfish.

For once in my life, I didn't think about anyone else. I let desire rule me and gave into temptation. The rest is on Sebastian.

I figured he'd be a good kisser. I just didn't know how good, or how much I’d grow to crave it—to crave him.

No one can find out about us. If they do, I could end up homeless, friendless, or, worse, in danger. It's not like what we do in secret changes anything other than my feelings for him. Sebastian is and always will be unattainable.

At least now, I know the truth about his family and why his life isn't his own.

 *Volume 2 - short story with cliffhanger. Story continues in volume 3

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