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A romantic tale where reality meets fantasy

What's a girl to do when death is the worst and best thing that can happen to her?

When 19-year-old Lily gives into her heart and kisses her best friend Caiden, he disappears before her eyes leaving her to wonder if she inherited her father's hallucination disorder.  

Her simple existence turns dangerous when Caiden reappears three months later to save her from a dark stranger. Soon, Lily discovers she's surrounded by liars and mythological creatures sent to capture her. Hunted by two opposing realms for powers she doesn't know she possesses, Lily must resist trickery from masterful beings and keep her budding magic safe.

With Caiden by her side, their connection and chemistry feel stronger than ever. She’s a kiss away from giving him her body and soul, but can she trust him?

When secrets about his past emerge, she questions if her love for him is real or conjured, and if her powers are his only goal. With loss and heartache around every corner, Lily must decide to find her place in this new world or play the one card she's kept to herself—a permanent fate that will take her away from everyone forever.

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