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~Sneak preview excerpt~

     He catches me gazing at him the way I do when he takes my breath away with that smile. His features soften, and he studies me reacting to him.
     I let him read me, his way of learning a person. I have nothing to hide but love for him.
    Snow flakes fall around us, landing on his black outfit and in his dark grown-out hair. The cut is more stylish now, like something you’d see on a sexy movie vampire rather than the one length cut he had when he returned from the grave to me in Scotland. Best surprise ever! And here we are still suffering from the injuries that killed him before he was resuscitated.
     I shake my head to clear the thought.
     “What’s wrong?” Sebastian asks.
     The smile I paste on my face won’t fool him. “Nothing. I’m fine.” I gesture to the other snowmobile. “Where do you think Nathan went?” He won’t miss my deflection, either.
     He rubs his chin, as if debating how to proceed. “Nathan raced back to greet his fiancée. We hadn’t planned to stay out as long as we did.”
     “She’s here?  Omigod. We should have been here to greet her. I feel like an ass.” I stomp toward the garage entrance and throw over my shoulder, “You shouldn’t have taken me out, Sebastian.”
     He laughs. “Nice to meet the real you.”
     I stop and glare at him. “What does that mean?”
     “It means you’ve been tiptoeing around me, afraid to be the real you.”
     I march up to him and lift my chin, my face barely as high as his shoulders. “I tiptoe because I’m afraid of losing you forever. And I’m one hundred percent my real self when we’re together sexually.” The last word is a whisper.
     “It’s cute that you feel the need to whisper the word sexually when you have no problem screaming my name every time you orgasm loud enough for the bears in the woods to hear.”
     “Stop.” I smack his bicep and glance around to see if any doors are open or people are listening. The coast looks clear. I lean toward him and murmur, “Am I really that loud?”
     “Oh, yeah.” He nods, grinning from ear-to-ear. “And if you stop, I’ll tie you to the bed and bring you to the brink of an orgasm with no release until you scream for me to take you.”
     Hot and bothered in all the right places, I gaze up at him, my jaw hanging. “Who are you?”
     “The me you never met.” He bends to my ear. “But who you clearly like.”
     He walks off, leaving me speechless and needy. At least, I’m no longer cold.

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