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**WARNINGSebastian's POV has spoilers that aren't revealed in RISKING FOREVER, written in Ainsley's POV, until mid-novel of DARING FOREVER. If you don't want to ruin the anticipation built in the series, wait to read Sebastian's novel until after you've finished RISKING FOREVER and DARING FOREVER.  

I kept the novels separate for this reason. If you don't mind spoilers, happy reading, but don't say I didn't warn you. ;D

Hiring Ainsley was a mistake, but firing the little beauty when she's broke seems unfair. Besides, I like being around her. She doesn't want anything from me like everyone else. She's not aggressive or forceful. She's sweet, unexpected, and, damn, if she isn't getting under my skin. If I’m not careful, I'll drag her into my arms, my bed, and into the dark pit of my world—a place she doesn't belong. A place I don't belong, but a place I might be able to withstand if she's with me.  ~ Sebastian Gianni

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