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5 STARS - "This book takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and I cried with everything that they were both going through but I still couldn't put it down."

5 STARS - "These two characters are magnetic with internal struggles that are relatable, especially Nova’s character. "

5 STARS - "How protective Riley is over Nova had me SWOONING!"

You can hide from the past, your fears, and the world, but you can’t hide from love.  


My life changed for the worst when a tragic event landed me in witness protection. Ever since, I’ve been cyberstalking my past and the people I loved and lost, while trying to move on without provoking further danger, especially now that I’m a houseguest to an old family friend.

Nova is the last person I expect to join me in seclusion. The curvy beauty of mixed ethnicity causes a media frenzy wherever she goes. But the more time I spend with her, my concerns over my privacy morph into an attraction that will only cause problems for us both.

There isn't a world where a person in hiding can be with a person in the limelight.

After being publicly humiliated and dumped by my popstar ex, I fled for the shelter of my grandmother’s highly protected estate in an attempt to hide from the world until the media loses interest in me.

The loss of my father sent me into the arms of the famous musician, whose toxic behavior fueled my insecurities and created new ones. I need to heal and find direction. I don’t want to make friends with the sexy, secretive houseguest who seems to get me in a way no one ever has before. But the more I’m around him, the harder it is to resist the recluse who wants nothing to do with the outside world.

My isolation is temporary, but he's made it clear his is forever.

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