Young and New Adult novels in a variety of genres but only for the romantic at heart. 


Risking Forever: Vol 1 
Daring Forever: Vol 2 
Claiming Forever: Vol 3 
Sebastian – Risking Forever: Vol 4 (Sebastian's POV)

RISKING FOREVER is a serial novel and one of three installments in the Forever Series. The story is continuous and meant to be read in sequential order. The average length of each book is around 150 pages in paperback and can be read in a few hours or less. For this reason, I've heard them referred to as lunchtime reads.

Why a serial novel?

Many of my friends work full time and often opt out of reading due to the commitment of finishing a book. A serial novel introduces quick installments, or volumes, that make completing each a breeze.

Many of my friends work full time and often opt out of reading due to the commitment of finishing a book. A serial novel introduces quick installments, or volumes, that make completing each a breeze.

I read my first serial novel about a year ago and fell in love with the concept, which prompted me to launch this series in the same format—that and the novel was too long to be a single stand-alone. Thankfully, this was a great fit. 

Happy reading!!

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A spin off from The Forever Series. 

LOSING FOREVER  - coming soon!


When Braylee loses her family in a tragic accident, she's left with internal and external scars, a huge inheritance, and enough survivor's guilt to keep her from ever touching a dime.   


When Grayson's father goes to jail for embezzling money for the mafia, Grayson gets kicked off his college baseball team, a trust with a ton of "dirty" money he refuses to spend, and loses his mother to hiding when she skips town.


Neither of them are looking for a relationship. They're too screwed up, but once they meet, they can't ignore the chemistry between them. If only they weren't co-workers. If only they hadn't kissed. 


SAVING FOREVER - coming soon!

Ainsley and Sebastian's story continues a year later.


YOUNG ADULT NOVELS - future releases!~




FATED TO DIE - A romantic ya dark retelling of the Scottish folktale Bean Nighe - aka The Washer Woman.

Never in a million years did Preya believe she’d be chosen by the curse on her village. Outcasted for her appearance, Preya has never bothered trying to fit in. Friends, balls, and romance are for eligible maidens, not a pariah who spends her time caring for her family. But this year is different.

Each Summer Solstice the Washer Woman enslaves a maiden of seventeen as her Messenger, a bearer of death to those who are Fated to Die. No maiden has ever survived her enslavement. 

If Preya is to be the first, she must submit and follow the rules set by the Keeper. The mysterious boy is tasked with her training and, at all times, cloaked from her sight. His strict, domineering methods clash with his warm voice and gentle touch.

Preya doesn’t know how he’s connected to the curse, if he’s good or bad, human or monster, and why she’s drawn to him. When trusting him becomes her only chance at freedom, Preya discovers secrets about the Keeper and the past that change everything she thought she knew. Saving herself isn’t enough.  She needs to break the curse, and she needs his help to do it.



CLUB NEVERLAND - Wendy and Peter romantic retelling with magical elements. (This little baby got me interest from several literary gents. I signed with one and learned a great deal about revisions, working with an agent, editors, losing your mind over waiting for a response, and, alas, finding the value in patience.) 


Ever since her parents' nasty divorce, seventeen-year-old Wendolyn Lace Darling has gone from head of the yearbook committee to head of the household. Her mother is in an emotional decline, and her brother, John, keeps disappearing for days to his new obsession—Club Neverland. 

Lace blames her father for their problems, including their recent visit from Child Services. If John isn't home when they return next week, Lace's dad will get full custody. She and John will be shipped to England, forced to leave behind everyone they know and love. 

Refusing to let that happen, Lace chases John to Club Neverland, where she ends up transported to an island of endless partying. Peter, the leader of the fun, takes Lace by surprise. His scruffy surfer appearance is the opposite of everything she likes, but there's no denying she's drawn to him. 

Now, in addition to getting John home and saving her family, Lace is searching for answers about her past and how it's tied to the mysterious club. Falling for Peter was never on her list of things to do. Helping him escape his past wasn't either, but when it comes to Lace and the people she loves, there is nothing she won't do help them, even at the risk of herself.






THE BALANCE OF LIFE AND DEATH - ya romance with magical elements.

Seventeen-year-old Lily Adler is no ordinary girl, contrary to what she thinks. When her eyes change colors with the seasons, and her best friend Caden vanishes when she tries to kiss him, the truth about her identity is revealed.


Her love of nature, gardens, and strange talent for attracting butterflies comes with being the daughter of a nature goddess. Turns out Mom didn't die, she just retreated to the heavens, per her goddess duties. 


Now Caden is back, and he's brought a mythical world with him. After defecting from the Realm of Death for Lily, he's tasked with ruling the Realm of Life and helping her find her powers. His brother, Dagan, has other plans for Lily--ones that involve claiming her for his realm.


Soon, Lily finds herself in love with the ruler of Life but fated to the ruler of Death. If she doesn't claim her full powers and escape back to where she belongs, she'll lose Caden and cause mass destruction across the globe. The balance must not be tipped.



NAUSAARI - ya romance with light sci-fi and fantasy elements.

The planet Nausaari promises crystal blue oceans, lush landscapes, and a better life for teens—at least that’s how it’s advertised. Seventeen-year-old Bryn Spencer never imagined a world and other beings existed, especially not disguised as her best friend and ex-boyfriend.

When Bryn gets caught in a palm-firing, laser showdown between her ex-boyfriend, Lore, and his new girlfriend, it's pretty clear they're not human. Before she's able to accept this new reality, Bryn gets trapped on a spaceship--if you consider spalike interiors a spaceship--bound for Nausaari.

Determined to return to Earth, Bryn struggles to resist Lore and the feelings she still has for him. A difficult task after she learns  the truth about why Lore left her and earth without so much as a goodbye. Now, he's set on reclaiming his life and her. He want's Bryn to stay on his planet, but choosing a future with Lore might be the biggest mistake of all and cause Bryn to lose more than just her life on Earth.