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I'm back from my first European vacation, and I loved it. I titled this "France is Awesome" because I visited more than just Paris. As shown in my previous post, the hubs and I traveled from Paris to Marseille, Aix-en Provence and the lavender fields in Provence. We took the train to the south of France and had amazing views of the French countryside. The towns looked like something out of fairy tales. The three-hour trip was comfy too with reclining oversized seats, a table for two, and food and drink service. More cheese and baguettes please! Almost everywhere in France they served Evian versus the wretched Dasani like we get in the US. In fact, the south of France gets its water from the Swiss Alps. So yeah, that sh*t is fresh!!!!!

While I loved Paris—the architecture, history, museums, and cafes—I love, loved the small village of Amboise and one near the lavender fields, where I had my first lavender gelato. Delish! I was also amazed at how blue the Mediterranean Sea is, like a sapphire.

Remember when I said I hoped to be inspired by the trip to write a new novel? Well, it totally inspired a second novel in my contemporary romance series. A KISS BEFORE LYING. I had a different sequel in mind, which I'm keeping and making either the third or fourth book, but now I simply must write this sequel and continuation of Sebastian and Ainsley's story while they're in protective custody.

Hint, hint. It opens wit them living in hiding in Provence surrounded by the beautiful and fragrant lavender fields I visited. Oh yes, we go there, and dare I say the opener is steamy!! Lavender and sex? Yep. It works! LOL.

I'll post some of my favorite pics from the trip, but really there are just too many to load. If you want to see more visit my Instagram where I've posted all of them!

And if you get the chance to visit France, do it!!!!!

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