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Ack and Updates.

Ack! I’ve been so busy writing and editing I haven’t made the time to update this.    CRINGES. 

The good news is RISKING FOREVER, the first new adult in the Forever Series, is still set to launch in January 2019.  WAHOO!

I hope to have the second book, Sebastian’s version (CLAMING FOREVER), ready shortly after.  I've started a third and fourth book to the series. Another with Ainsley and Sebastian and one with new characters. (Braylee and Grayson)

The plan is to get those out quickly too, but I also have a young adult retelling ready to launch FATED TO DIE. Last Christmas, I did 12 Days of Giving and posted the first 12 chapters of that novel.  

Since FATED TO DIE is in a different genre, it won’t follow the Forever series. However, I love the story and would love to share it, so we’ll see.  On a different note, I’ve started making book covers. I love it. It’s like a secret talent I never knew I had. But since it’s a form of creativity, it makes sense that I would become slightly obsessed. Who knew choosing fonts could be so much fun? Yes, you read that correctly. Meshing photographs together, adding textures, backgrounds, manipulating colors, changing filters. It's so involved, so fun! I need to stop using that word.

Anywho, if all goes well next month or early December I'm going to post a sneak peek of RISKING FOREVER, the first chapter or two.

Reminder. It’s not young adult, which has always been my genre. Although, my young adult has always been geared to older teens with seventeen and eighteen year old protagonists. The FOREVER SERIES is New Adult, college setting and ages. It’s contemporary romance. There are sex scenes woven throughout. But it’s more than that. Most romance novels are. However, it never ceases to amaze me when people hear I write romance novels or, better yet, that I write sex scenes in the novels and they assume two things; the book is a sex-only novel, and/or the sex scenes are an insight into my bedroom romps. Uh, NO!

 I like the response from an author at a romance novel conference. I can't remember which author on the panel said it, but when asked if the sex scenes in her novel were pulled from her personal experience, her humorous reply was something like (not quoting since I can't remember her exact words),

Yes. I have weekly orgies with werewolves and vampires and draw my inspiration from those activities.

Writers get this, even if they don't write sex scenes. Developing and writing a character isn't that different from actors. They change their look and their behavior to reflect the character they are portraying. That's what authors do. The sex scenes are what the characters would do, not me. It's not an autobiography. It's fiction.

          Fiction by definition is: something invented by the imagination or feigned specifically: an invented story.

Another romance fantasy writer and friend (I'll call her Jane for privacy) told me after her first book launch, her neighbor came over after reading the book and hinted she knows what's going on in Jane and her husband's bedroom now.  Ew. No, she doesn't. Because it's fiction!   

Some people just don't get it.

Also, I have some pictures to post from my latest trip. I'll do it in a separate post, though. I've always wanted to stand on a mountain in New England during the fall and take in the mass of colorful leaves. The other week I fulfilled that dream and it was more beautiful than I had imagined. We visited an apple farm in north Massachusetts too. I got to pick my first apple from a tree. To my surprise, I loved it as much as seeing fall leaves in peak. It was like visiting a Hallmark movie set.

Happy October!!

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