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October is here! Well, it's in New England, or it was the other week. Here in Florida we get one season. It looks like this. 

 I'm not complaining. I'd die living up north. Too cold!!! But I had always wanted to stand on a mountain in New England during the fall and take in the colorful leaves. 

Notice I wrote had. Because I did it!! We started in Boston, toured the harbor and parks. Everything, except for two trees, was green. So we headed north the next day and visited an apple farm near Salem, MA. I've never seen an apple tree and I wanted to pick an apple. So I did. The farm was stunning, like a Hallmark movie set.

After I ate my fill of apple donuts, cider, and bought every butter the store offered to bring home, I prepared for the mountain excursion.  

We drove to the White Mountains in central New Hampshire. Several trees along the highway on our drive up were beautiful with lots of colors. The mountains had more! The Kancamagus had more! We hit every stop. We drooled, took pictures, ooh'd and awe'd. I froze at the highest stop and ran back to the car! Burr! 

It was worth every breathtaking minute. 

I stood. I viewed. I conquered ... my dream? A dream. One of my dreams. You get it! If you're considering a New England fall foilage trip for next year, I say do it!!!

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