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It's December??

Yeah. That one snuck up on me. December? I'm still digesting Thanksgiving dinner. Slow pipes. I assume you can gather by the title of this blog and the lack of marketing I've done toward the Jan release date that I might not—probably won't—make the deadline. 

January is a loooong month though, so you never know. It depends on how quickly I can start promoting, sending sample reads, gathering reviews. The alternative is hiring marketing and PR. Not a bad idea. And, it is the holidays. 

The reason for the delay—I feel you deserve to know—is I couldn't decide whether or not to incorporate Sebastian's POV into the novel. It would have made the book much longer. I was back and forth for a long time. Then I finally made up my mind. A rarity these days. I decided against it. Ainsley's books will stay as is and I'll be giving away Sebastian's POV novel as a freebie for signing up to my website and or newsletter. As the moment, this blog, which you can subscribe to, is my newsletter, and I'm slow. 

It's not that I have nothing to say. I always do, a mouth full of words ready to go 24/7 according to me hubs. Yes, I meant to use me not my. It's the lepruchan in me. I just haven't managed to be consistent with putting those words here. They go in my books and fly out of my mouth. I assume you'd rather read my words in books than this blog anyway. Am I right????

So back to December and my cluelessness. Clueless. LOL Great movie. Sorry. Squirrel moment or in my case, we call it a butterfly moment. Ha!! I will try my hardest to get this ball rolling, so I can release this series. The Forever Series, which by the way will consist of three serial novels. Yep. I'm going there. I've read them, bought them, felt a teeny-tiny bit shorted when I realized the next chapter is in the second book and so on. However, I kept buying and kept reading because the books in the series were awesome! 

They've been around since the Victorian era. Charles Dickens was a fan. PICKWICK PAPERS, anyone?

A serial novel is a work of fiction that is published in sequential pieces called installments. These installments can be published at nearly any interval for nearly any period of time, though weekly and monthly installments are most typical.

Not to be confused with a Serial Killer. 

A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people,[1] usually in service of abnormal psychologicalgratification, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant period of time between them.

In my defense, this novel is much longer than most NA books. I could have easily cut it in two, but then it wouldn't have qualified as a series, since most books launch with a series and that amount tends to be around three. At least. The three book covers are done, though. Finally. Wahoo!  I love them. They have both Ainsley and Sebastian. I wanted something super girly and sweet, because that's me. However, a study I read calculated that NA books sell 20% more if a shirtless male chest is on the front. So, Sebastian's character gets to show off his abs now too.

Whether you are buried in snow, chilling by a pool in Miami, or freezing in 60 degree temperature (me), I hope this month brings you everything you want and need. I also hope your holiday shopping is complete or on its way, and that you stay warm! Hint, hint. Sexy romance novels are known to bring the heat. Just saying.

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