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Free Read with New Release!

As you all know, Risking Forever will officially release on March 11, 2019, along with the bonus novel, Sebastian - Risking Forever.

On the day of the release, I will email all subscribers a link to BookFunnel, where you can download you're preferred version to read. Mobi, ePbub, PDF.

I also wanted to do a post behind the reason for the separate books. Most (but not all) new adult and adult romance novels are written in dual POV, switching between the hero and heroine.

I had considered making Risking Forever dual POV, even have it drafted in this form. I was so torn with whether to launch the book with his side or not, I had to ask my critique partner, proofreader, a couple of beta readers, and a few friends for their advice.

In the end, it came down to one reason. Ainsley's POV has mystery and intrigue that is given away immediately in Sebastian's head. You had answers to questions that weren't given to readers until the second novel, Daring Forever. We all agreed it took away from the readers anticipation and experience.

So separate they stayed! And now you know!

Even more importantly, remember this when you receive your free companion novel to Risking Forever. My advice, if you can be patient, wait to read Sebastian's version until after you've read the first and second volume--Risking and Daring Forever. If you don't care about spoilers or lack the patience, be warned, but still enjoy!

I love the difference between the two versions. While some (not all) scenes are the same, Sebastian's POV is much darker than Ainsley's, and much more male because, yeah, he's a male.

I'm so excited for you to read both though!!!! And since I'm not patient AT ALL the wait to launch these books is killing me!!!

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