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Meet the Characters

Meet the characters of Risking Forever: vol 1 (The Forever Series) launching Monday, March 11, 2019!

My best friend has been obsessed with Sebastian since our freshman year in college. She wants him to herself, which is fine by me. He's a paycheck, a means to an end goal. He's temporary. But he's also tempting—the way he looks at me, the things he says, the way he touches me… If I'm not careful, I might do something I'll regret. ~Ainsley Belle

Hiring Ainsley was a mistake but firing the little beauty when she's broke seems unfair. Besides, I like being around her. She doesn't want anything from me like everyone else. She's not aggressive or forceful. She's sweet, unexpected, and, damn, if she isn't getting under my skin. If I’m not careful, I'll drag her into my arms, my bed, and into the dark pit of my world—a place she doesn't belong. A place I don't belong, but a place I might be able to withstand if she's with me.  ~ Sebastian Gianni

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Sebastian Gianni - 22- main character, love interest, hero

Ainsley Belle - 20 - main character, heroine

Harper Gentry - 20 - Ainsley's best friend and eventual roommate.

Nathan - 22 - Close friend of Sebastian, housemate.

Riley- 22- Close friend of Sebastian, housemate

Marina - 22 - Sebastian's ex-girlfriend, possible fiance.

 Ethan - 21 - Toga party guest who causes trouble for Ainsley

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