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Free For 2 Days Only!

Don’t you just love the word free?

I do, which is why in honor of the final installment, Claiming Forever: Vol 3, releasing Monday March 25, 2019, the first two books in the series will be free!

Final installment here!

That’s right Free!

Two eBooks for two days. March 25th and 26th. Write them down. Commit them to memory. And then head over to Amazon on either of those days and download your copies for free!

As always, if you like or love the series, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s the best way to say thank you to an author.

While you're downloading your free copies of Risking Forever and Daring Forever, remember to snatch up your copy of Claiming Forever, releasing Monday!!! That’s in 3 days people!

The series will be complete ... until I can add more, which I fully intend to do! A little hint - Sebastian and Ainsley in hiding in France. A run-in with Lowell, her high school bestie. An engagement.

I’ve said to much.

Later gator!

That's how we say goodbye in Florida. LOLOLOLOL

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