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FREE Take Two

Because I love free stuff and in honor of Sebastian - Risking Forever's new release April 1st, Claiming Forever (the final installment in The Forever Series) will be discounted to free April 2 & 3 next week! Save the date!!!

If you haven't had a chance to read the final installment, get it now before the sale ends.

Yes. You read that correctly above. Sebastian - Risking Forever will be available via Kindle Unlimited and to purchase on Amazon. However, new subscribers will still receive the bonus novel for free!

P.S. In order to add his story to the series on Amazon, they had me change the volume number to 4. Sorry for any confusion this might cause.

All I ask in return for these freebie sales is that if you liked the story and/or series, please say thank you with a review. They are more important to authors than you might know and greatly appreciated!

Have a great weekend and as always thank you for your support!

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