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Sneak Peek, Nathan's Story!

Thought I'd send out a little sneak peek of what's happening in Nathan's world. You remember this guy from The Forever Series?

Harper is still a bitch but one Nathan is tiring of, and you get to meet newcomer Kensington. Although she's not new to Nathan. In fact, they go waaaaayyyy back. But you'll have to wait for the story to find out just how far.

Meet the newbie at Ryland College. Kensington, aka Kensi

If you read Sebastian - Risking Forever, you have some insight into what Nathan's family does for a living, which will help when reading Nathan's story and seeing how Kensington ties into his past and now present.

Who wants Harper to get dumped??? All in favor, comment, "Aye!"

Enjoy your sneak peek! FYI - This story will be in dual POV. Nathan and Kensington.

**PS. Like with Sebastian's story and POV, Nathan's is rougher than Ainsley's was or Kensington's parts will be. More language, grit, and sexual references. It's a dude. Sorry.

***Also, reminder this is not final draft of the first chapter. Just a peek!


CHAPTER 1 - Nathan

"I have to get her from the airport," I repeat to Harper.

She sits across from me at a two-person table in the small coffee shop, her head down while she rummages through her purse.

"What?" she asks again.

My jaw tightens with my annoyance. "If you’d quit digging in your bag for a second and look at me you wouldn’t have to ask me to repeat myself."

Her head snaps up and she scowls. "What is your problem? You've been a dick since you woke up this morning and not the kind of dick I like."

I glance around the mom-and-pop cafe to see if anyone heard her. The customers are older folks who retired to Winter Park, Florida for the weather and golf. They prefer the designer boutiques and locally owned restaurants Park Avenue offers to the chain eateries monopolizing Central Florida.

Sebastian and I used to come here when we needed to talk without the prying or flirting eyes from the other locals, students of Ryland private college.

Thankfully no one seems to be paying attention to me and Harper. Of course, they could just be acting polite. Unlike my girlfriend.

"If you're going to talk your usual shit keep it down," I warn her.

Her perfectly shaped brows tighten. "See, there you go again being a dick." She raises her voice. "And as for my usual shit-talk, you never seem to mind it when I’m licking your balls."

Jesus. I jump up, toss two twenties on the table, and haul Harper out of her seat by her arm.

She squeals and grabs her purse before I usher her out of the cafe. The bell on the door jingles as we step outside onto the sidewalk. Cars line the narrow brick road and people stand at the corner streetlight, waiting their turn to the cross.

I let go of Harper. My breath races faster than it should but, fuck, I’m angry. "Are you trying to piss me off?"

"You're only allowed to grab me like that when we’re having sex. You know the rules." She tosses her maple hair over her shoulder and digs around in her purse again. She takes out tube of pink gloss and a mirror then coats her plump lips, making sure she’s as pretty as a picture.

Six months ago, when I first met Harper, I thought she was the sexiest chick at Ryland. She was bold, confidant, and sassy as hell. Her crass mouth was a turn on and her sexual drive a fantasy. Now, I see the insecure girl underneath the make-up, designer clothes, and money. The girl who has to be the center of attention, the prettiest female in the room, and the girl all the guys want.

I would know, I used to be one of those guys—and I got her, to the disappointment of many others. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

Once she's finished making herself even more beautiful, she directs her attention to me. "This little cousin of yours isn't going to cause trouble, is she?"

So she had been listening. "Kensington is not a trouble maker." From what I know, which isn't much, she's in trouble or getting out of some trouble though.

"That's her name?" Harper makes a face. "Kensington. Like Kensington Palace?" She snorts. "What is she a British wannabe?

"Wannabe? No. She's part British. Her mother is from London and her parents met in Kensington. It's special to them. Obviously."

Harper's brows raise at my defensive tone. "But she's not really your cousin."

"I explained that to you."

"So why were you called in to babysit her?"

Guess she'd only been listening to one part of the conversation. I run my fingers through my hair and hold in a groan. "Look. I'm tired of repeating myself to you today. I'm already running late to pick her up. Her flight lands in thirty minutes. If there is traffic, it'll take me that long to get there. Then I have to park, hike to her gate, and find her. She won't know how to navigate the airport. No one does. It's too big, and I don't want her overwhelmed or intimidated."

I still can't believe she's coming to live with me. I never thought the day would happen. Shit. I never thought I'd see her again after the way I left her on her sixteenth birthday. She never complained about it to her dad. If she had, he would have called my ass out and told me to apologize.

I still feel like a dick about how I acted, but it was necessary. It was also in the past so it didn't much matter—until now. Will she bring it up and question me about it or will she pretend it never happened the way I have for the last three years?

"This is what I’m talking about." Harper slides her designer sunglasses on her face. They look like cat eyes or ears or some shit like that. "She's already causing problems for us. The art festival is this weekend. I wanted to stroll around Park Ave and take it in with you. The weather is perfect for it."

I squint up at the blue cloudless sky. It is a nice fall day for Florida. Not too hot. A cool breeze. Maybe Kensington would like to check out the art festival. I could give her a little tour of Winter Park and all its beauty. She might want to rest instead, or she might not want to see me at all, which is next to impossible since I've been ordered by both our fathers to watch over her.

If only I knew what happened. Did she do something illegal? She's a junior in college but she's not yet twenty-one. She turns it in three weeks. I have no idea if she wants to celebrate. This is so messed up.

"Now whose turn is it to ignore?" Harper's voice breaks into my thoughts.

I blink at her. "What?"

"Exactly." She pokes me in the chest with her long fingernail. "You do it too so quit acting like your better than me."

"Better than you? That doesn't even make sense."

"You know what? I think I'll get a pedicure and facial and have a spa day with Sera. You go babysit your little cousin and we'll catch up later. Maybe have a small party. I've been wanting to invite some people over. We used to party all the time. I miss it. I miss the fun we used to have. You never used to be so … boring."

"I'm boring now?" What the fuck? "Harper. I lost my two best friends in a weekend. One died and the other disappeared leaving a note that he had to return home." Only I checked and he never went home. I knew he wouldn't. He hates his dad as much as Sebastian hated his.

The days that followed the loss of them were hard on me. I never imagined Sebastian would die in a car accident. If anything, I thought his mob boss father would do him in. I'd been trying to get him into Witness Security so he could have the life he deserved and the girl he fell for faster and harder than I thought possible.

I never thought Sebastian would fall in love, but he did, and Ainsley was perfect for him. Softened his hard edges, he'd told me once. My eyes tear up and wipe them clear before Harper notices.

I used the family business—a reputable high-profile security firm—to try to get information about his death, hoping like hell he'd made it into the program, but that wasn't the case. Ultimately, his family and his ex-girlfriend/fiancée, the daughter of a fellow mafia family, had kidnapped Ainsley, and Sebastian died in a car crash trying to get to her. That's what I'd been told from the Fed I'd been in contact with, Agent Keller, and all I could find on the accident.

Harper was understanding for a while, but she's demanding in all ways, and the sex I use to love with her became unwanted pressure during a time when I needed to heal. Since then we've fallen out of sync.

"I know things have been different for a while, but you should know I don't see them changing anytime soon," I say. This conversation has been a long time coming. "Yes, we used to party a lot and it was awesome, but I'm not in college anymore. I'm working for my dad now," heading up his office downtown, "and I want to do a good job. My priorities have changed. Hell, I’m even thinking about getting a condo closer to the office and moving out of the house." It's just me and Harper. Not that she lives there. Some of the guys hang out and stay over in the guest rooms after a long night of pool or poker, but that's it. The house is too big for just me.

Her mouth opens with a shocked gasp. "Are you serious right now?"

"Very." Why does she think I’m bringing it up?

"I still go to college in case you forgot. My apartment is in Winter Park. I can't move downtown."

"I'm not asking you to." I step back under the shade of the café awning and bring her with me, tired of the sun blinding my eyes.

"What about your cousin, Kensington Palace? Where will she live? You said she was transferring to Ryland. That isn't a convenient drive for her, unless you plan on chauffeuring her around town."

Fuck. Kensi doesn't exactly fit into my plan. Maybe I spoke up in haste. "I don't know what I’m saying. I’m frustrated and I have a lot on my plate right now. Forget I said anything."

She shakes her head and lets out a huff. "I'm tired of all this arguing. That's all we do. I just want things to go back to normal."

"You mean to the way they were?"

"Yes. Back when life was fun, and we had sex twice a day sometimes." She sidles close and presses her huge fake tits against my chest. I used to love those things.

I grip her arms and tug her to me for a kiss. Our lips touch, and I slide my tongue into her mouth, trying like hell to get that fire back that used to burn between us. It never comes. For me at least.

Meanwhile Harper is all caught up, panting and pulling me down the nearby alley. "I want you. Fuck me against the wall."

The old me might have risked it and given into what she wants. The new me has some morals and doesn't want to get arrested. I pull away from her roaming hands and step back. "I can't. I have to get, Kensington." I tense and glance at my watch. "Shit. I have to go."

"Nathan!" She stomps, but I'm already rounding the front of my SUV. "Who cares if you're late. It's not a big deal."

Not a big deal? Kensington is the biggest deal in my life right now, whether I want her to be or not.

I don't bother responding, and I'm sure I'll get hell for it later. I climb into my Hummer, fire up the engine, and maneuver the beast down the crowded road. Maybe it's time for a different car, something sporty and fun instead of this tank.

As soon as I clear the brick roads of Park Ave, I turn onto Fairbanks and haul ass toward the interstate. If I'm late getting Kensington, my dad will have a shit fit.

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