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I wish I could say "Hola" from Cancun, but I'm back home after an amazing five days of fun and sun.

My favorite part about Cancun is the crystal blue ocean. Most people don't realize it's the Caribbean Sea, and actually, I noticed four shades of blue on this trip. The colors faded from light to dark—or light blue/green to sapphire.

A few pics from the trip.

I don't know about you, but I can talk myself out of a vacation. I have too much to do, to catch up on, to take care of. What if I leave and this or that happens? Maybe it's a waste of time. It's only for five days what does it matter if we skip?

Excuses to get out of taking a vacation? What is wrong with me?

I did it when my kids were younger, too. Even if they were staying with their grandparents, who were taking them to Disney, I could come up with reasons not to go. What if they get sick? What if they miss home? What if they get hurt? What if I get hurt or in an accident while away?

All of this coming from the person who passionately tells her friends that taking time for yourself is important.

Laughable, right? Sometimes it's easier to give advice than take it. I'm the friend who reminds others they need to decompress and relax in order to recharge. Whether it's from work outside of the home or being a stay-home mother. I've done both, am doing both, though my kids are sixteen and twenty now.

When they were little, no matter how much I needed a break, there was a time I convinced myself it was better not to leave them.

I know differently, and, still, on occasion I can revert to my old mindset. Every time I took that break I stressed over taking, I came back refreshed. I was better mentally, physically, and emotionally. These are important for success in parenting, marriage, work, and everything else.

We all need a time-out to be just us. Not a mom, a boss, manager, co-worker, owner, assistant, therapist, teacher, etc. Remember that person you were in high school or in college—before you got married, took that job, started that business, had babies? The person who likes to read, listen to songs they love, watch movies they like, sit in silence, go on a date, write poetry, walk on the beach or at a park without a phone or a child, shower without stressing over what you need to take care of or do next.

Sound familiar?

So take the advice from someone who is great at giving it and struggles to do it herself but has learned the importance of it over the years.

YOU deserve YOU TIME.

Even if it's a night out, lunch with friends, a few hours to read without fear of interruption, meditation, yoga, a walk anywhere! Stop and smell the flowers. It's spring people. Give yourself that moment, day, week, to be YOU and no one else.

Your mind and body will thank you. Your family, kids, friends, and co-workers might, too. You won't regret it, or you shouldn't. Never regret taking time for yourself! You are important. You deserve a break!

So many times, we're focused on pleasing or doing for others, helping them, and yet we don't put that same care on ourselves.

Today, I’m giving you permission—in case you need it—to take time for you. Breathe, paint your nails, get a pedicure or massage, take that vacation, shop, workout, eat ice cream.

Whatever you do make sure it's about you and only you and remind yourself, it's okay. Make it a habit if you can. Appreciate yourself. The world does. I certainly do!!!

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