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Cover change alert! Guess this scene from Daring Forever and win a free copy of the book bundle!!!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this for Hot Cover Thursday, but I couldn't wait!

The FOREVER SERIES BOOK BUNDLE of all 3 volumes, plus Sebastian's version volume 4, got a new cover!

I fell in love with this cover when I saw it because it reminded me of a certain scene in Daring Forever. Can you guess which scene?

Guess it correctly and win a copy of the book!! Limited amount available so hurry!

Post answer A,B,C,or, D (listed below) in comment section of my FB page here:

OR comment section of my blog below! Good luck!

Is it:

A. Attic bedroom scene where Ainsley and Sebastian first kiss?

B. RV scene where Ainlsey kisses Sebastian's tattoos/scars?

C. Parking lot scene where Ainsley pulls over after smoke wafts from the under hood the of her car?

D. Scotland cottage scene when Sebastian and Ainlsey kiss after he surprises her?

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