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Need Your Help!

What's an author to do when she can't make up her mind? Call on her audience for help!

FATED TO DIE, a young adult romantic dark retelling, is almost ready for pre-order. However, even after multiple input from friends and family I am unable to decide which cover I like the best.  I have two that I adore.

Which is where you come in.

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In addition, if you want to add your thoughts about each cover, feel free to do so in comments either here on my FB page.

THANK YOU for your opinion!!!! It is greatly appreciated!!!!!

Below is a little blurb to help you decide, should you need more information regarding the premise.  Also I've added information and haunting pictures about the folktale that fascinated me and inspired this retelling.

Fated to Die

A romantic dark retelling based on the Scottish folktale Bean Nighe, a.k.a. the Washer Woman, with Beauty and the Beast elements. 

Never in a million years did Preya believe she’d be chosen by the curse on her village. Outcasted for her appearance, Preya has never bothered trying to fit in. Friends, balls, and romance are for eligible maidens, not a pariah who spends her time caring for her family. But this year is different.

Each Summer Solstice the Washer Woman enslaves a maiden of seventeen as her Messenger, a bearer of death to those who are Fated to Die. No maiden has ever survived her enslavement. 

If Preya is to be the first, she must submit and follow the rules set by the Keeper. The mysterious boy is tasked with her training and, at all times, cloaked from her sight. His strict, domineering methods clash with his warm voice and gentle touch.

Preya doesn’t know how he’s connected to the curse, if he’s good or bad, human or monster, and why she’s drawn to him. When trusting him becomes her only chance at freedom, Preya discovers secrets about the Keeper and the past that change everything she thought she knew. Saving herself isn’t enough.  She needs to break the curse, and she needs his help to do it.

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(The bean-nighe is a female spirit in Scottish folklore, regarded as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. She is a type of ban-sìth that haunts desolate streams and washes the clothing of those about to die. Wikipedia)

 The mythical creature known as the Washer Woman

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