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Lust, heavy teasing, and explosive close encounters.

That about sums up Waiting Forever: Vol 5 (The Forever Series)

I’m so happy to finally bring Nathan’s story to you!

When I write, I have a loose outline of where I want to story to go, and, as a panster, the story develops in some ways on its own.

Letting the characters take lead is one of my favorite parts about writing. So many times, this storyline surprised me.

For example, we all know Nathan is a sexual guy--hence his attraction to Harper. But, to my surprise, and newcomer, Kensington's, he has a romantic side, too.

Speaking of Kensington, she is very different from Ainsley’s character from the first three volumes of The Forever Series. This girl is a fighter and a survivor—not that Ainsley wasn’t both of those. But Ainsley’s strengths were different. She had a lot of growing up to do. Kensington knows what she wants, and one of those things happens to be Nathan.

The book will be a standalone, which caused part of the delay in the release. I think—hope—you will be very satisfied.

I’ll be sending out ARCs in the near future.

If you’re interested in one feel free to email me and title the email ARC or click here (

Also, if you like the story, the best way to say, Thank You is with a review on Amazon and/or a recommendation on BookBub.

Links here:

Thank you for your continued interest in this romance series! Readers are important, indispensable, and the best!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving and holiday season! I had so much fun running the last giveaway, I’m going to do an even bigger one for the Christmas season!


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