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Today starts the Enchanted Kisses GIVEAWAY!

The gifts are inspired by the story and Lily’s character.

Pics of what you can win will be added below, along with an extended teaser from the book.

Good Luck!


extended teaser

“Ready to play one of the best games ever invented?” Caiden had asked and racked the balls on the table.

“I guess.” I’d shrugged and glanced around, baffled.

The pub was crowded, smokey, and loud, but it was as if an unseen barrier kept all that away from our little corner.

“Eyes on me, Lily.” Caiden caught my gaze and winked. For a second, it looked as if his vivid turquoise eyes glowed. But then, they were bright in all lights, as if the sun shined in them twenty-four-seven.

My heart sputtered in a way it never had for this boy who, after only three months, had become one of my best friends.

At a glance, Caiden was average looking. His features weren’t chiseled and freckles dotted his skin, but he had four things going for him: Caramel-colored, grown-out strands that appeared windswept from a day at the beach. Eyes that were near-fluorescent. A sexy accent that sounded a bit British. And the confidence of a celebrity or billionaire who could command the world and the people in it to do as he wished.

“Watch and learn, sweet Lily,” Caiden murmured, and my heart sputtered again.

He chalked up a stick, brushed his wavy hair from his eyes, and lined up the shot. Instead of looking at the table, he stared at me as he thrust the stick forward and crushed the white ball.

Thumping and crashing sounded from the pool table, but I couldn’t pull my gaze from Caiden’s to see what had happened.

Without glancing at the table, he straightened and held the stick out to me. “Your turn.”

When I finally examined what was left from his shot, my mouth opened in utter shock.

Every one of his balls hugged the edge of the table, whereas all of mine aligned with the pockets. The white ball sat in the center and in the perfect position for me to sink any shot.

I shook my head, unable to keep from smiling. It was so Caiden. He could do anything with the ease of a pro and when he showed off, somehow it always benefited me.


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