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Holiday Giveaway! Hurry!

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I'm not sure how we arrived at December so quickly, but I can't say I'm sad about it because this month will be my biggest giveaway yet!

I promised a big one, and I delivered. Hmm? That sounds like it could be a line from one of my naughty romance novel heroes.

If you've read my books, you know my characters can talk dirty—but only in the sexiest way possible. I love it, too. Love to read and write about characters like that. I am and will always be one of the romance genres biggest fans. New adult, contemporary, paranormal, historical, retellings... I swing lots of ways when it comes to romance. In books!

My young adult retelling Fated to Die is the opposite of dirty. Deadly? Yes. But dirty? Only in the moss, grass, and hay kind of way. The story gives the impression it might be a bit naughty in the first chapter. Hint: only seventeen-year-old virgins are eligible to be sacrificed to the curse. But the book is not at all dirty, and yet, it is still very romantic—on a Twilight level.

And now that I've veered waaaaay off topic, let's get back to the reason why I'm writing this. The awesome Holiday Giveaway!

It begins tomorrow! Dec 14th and ends Dec 21st. It's filled with romance and more!

What you can win!✨

🎁$100.00 Amazon gift card

🎁 Kindle Paperwhite

🎁 5 paperback New Adult and College romance novels

~ The Forever Series collection (Vols 1-3, plus a free bonus eBook vol 4)

signed by Tara Gallina

~ Waiting Forever (The Forever Series, vol 5) signed by Tara Gallina

~ Losing Forever (The Forever Series, vol 6) signed by Tara Gallina

~ Temptation (The Hunted Series) by best seller Ivy Smoak

~ The Hunter (Boston Belles Series) by best seller L.J. Shen

🎁 T-shirt (There's snow better time to read)

🎁 Furry and knit reindeer socks

🎁 Hot Butter Rum soy candle

🎁 2 festive holiday masks

🎁 Keychain mini hand sanitizer (unscented)

🎁 Coffee, tea, or cocoa mug (Bookmarks are for quitters)

Want to see pictures of the gifts??

Was that a yes? Can you speak up?

Oh, yeah. I hear you now.

Enjoy the view below⬇ and click here to ENTER!

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