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Summer Book Sale!

If you haven't read the first part of The Forever Series (Serial Romance Collection vols 1-4) or are looking for a fun and sexy summer read, take advantage of the limited time sale!

Wanting him is a risk. Kissing him is a dare. Loving him is NOT an option.

Sebastian Gianni is bad news—mafia bad, according to the rumors at our private college.

My best friend thinks it makes him sexier than he already is. She wants in his pants.

I just want a job from him.

He’s told me “no” more than once, but I’m desperate. I need money, so I can move far away and follow my own dreams—not the ones planned for me.

I don’t want to like Sebastian. I don’t want to know the secrets behind his dark eyes or why he stares at me like I'm a gift made just for him. I don’t want to know about his tattoos, his private life, his business, why he smells good enough to eat, or what his lips would feel like against mine. I don’t!

He’s off limits. Dangerous, too. Maybe.

My best friend would hate me if I touched him. His psychotic ex-girlfriend would skin me alive. And I’d regret doing anything because what scares me most are the feelings blooming inside me, making me want to taste the forbidden fruit. To explore the desires Sebastian stirs within me, and to risk my heart for a moment—moments—that can never lead to a forever.


"Sizzling Chemistry and Thrilling End Leaves Me Wanting More!"~Review

"Coming of age has never been so bitter and so sweet..."~Review

"Super Passionate Fun Romance!"~ Review

"Powerful and Inspiring!"~ Review

"The best part of The Forever Series is the sometimes snarky, sometimes sweet, sometimes smoldering dialogue between the romantic leads, Ainsley and Sebastian."~Review

"A Binge Worthy Sexy Read!"~Review "In All Ways Gripping"~Review


Risking Forever: vol 1

Daring Forever: vol 2

Claiming Forever: vol 3

Sebastian – Risking Forever: vol 4

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