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Teaser Cover Reveal

The time has come to release my next young adult/adult crossover, Enchanted Kisses, into the world.

I’m starting with a teaser cover reveal and a teaser from the book.

“Well, that was before.” Before he changed into a ridiculously hot supernatural being who said sweet things, eyed me like I was dessert, touched me in ways that made me tingly all over, and unraveled me in ways I didn't want to be unraveled.

As I reveal more of the cover, I’ll also release some sample chapters, and I’ll be doing a giveaway! I love giveaways.

It’ll be hosted by rafflcopter and open to the US.

I’ll include my first published young adult/adult crossover novel in paperback, Fated to Die, an Amazon gift card to put toward more books, and other fun goodies, including Enchanted Kisses Amazon eBook when it releases. It too is a young adult/adult crossover filled with magic and romance but on the cleaner side. It’s still loaded with flirting, and sexual tension.

This book is dear to my heart. I dreamed up these characters (Caiden and Lily) years ago and have been waiting to share them with you!!

It’s set in modern day times and has American as well as European characters and flair.

What’s inside?

Mystery? Yes!

Laughter and tears? Yes, yes! Castles? Yes!

Enchanted gardens? Yes!

Light verses dark? Yes!

Life verses death? Yes!

Nature? Yes!

Friendship? Yes!

Romance and love? Hell yes!

Jealousy and angst? Yes!

Villains you love to hate and hate to love? Double yes!!!

Father/daughter bond? Yes!

Heavy romance? Oh yeah!

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat, trying to figure out who you can trust (or rather who Lily can trust) and who’s telling the truth.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life!

More to come…

Stay tuned!

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