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(explicit scenes and language)

SUGAR COATED LIES - Pretty Georgia Peaches

#12  in Contemporary Romance on Amazon the first week it launched.


Never trust a rich guy.


Life hasn’t been kind to me or my family. At twenty-two, I’ve lost more than most people can imagine. I’ve learned to go with the flow and then some.
I’m not looking for handouts, although a break would be nice. I’m not looking for a relationship, either. Certainly not with the rich, sexy stranger who stumbles into my workplace late one night. In the past, bad things have happened when it comes to rich guys—one in particular. As a result, I avoid relationships with them. They’re all the same, right?

Life has always come easy to me, but one bad decision has my world spiraling with guilt.
I’m not a prick, but the way I scammed a young woman was wrong. I did it for a friend, who is a prick, and I need to make things right.
I never planned to offer the down-on-her-luck beauty a job at my family’s pecan farm—soon to be mine. Now she works for me and that needs to stay a secret. If my friend finds out, he’ll retaliate. He despises her for reasons I’m not sure are valid anymore.
Everleigh is nothing like he described. She’s becoming a good friend and a temptation that will only get me in trouble. For her sake and mine, I need to learn the truth and resolve this situation before it explodes in our faces and sends her running far from my life—because I’m starting to really like her in it.

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