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5 stars - "If you’re looking for a book filled with emotion, steamy romance, and suspense this book is for you." 

5 stars - "Waiting Forever is like a finely cooked meal in an oven or crock-pot, it takes a bit of time to get into some rather steamy and hot moments, but the book is about the journey to the destination, something to savor and appreciated, not something to be rushed." 

5 stars - "This is a great book to read in the Summertime as there are many hot interactions between Kensi and Nathan. The conversations are very emotional at times which brings a realism to the overall story."

How do you resist the person you're meant to be with?



Life used to be fun. College, parties, close friends, girls—one in particular, who I can’t let go no matter how hard I try.

I’m not talking about my girlfriend. That relationship lost its momentum months ago. The girl who haunts my dreams and memories from my childhood hates me. I blew her off twice for her own good.  Now she’s coming to live with me.

It’ll be torture having her so close and not be able to touch her. I’m supposed to protect her from guys with bad intentions, but who’s going to protect her from me?



I’ve adored Nathan my entire life. He was supposed to be my first everything, my forever. But after multiple rejections from him, those days are gone, along with my innocence.

I got myself into trouble, and now I need a safe place to stay until life calms down. Until my parents can forgive me, and I can forgive myself.

The last thing I want to do is move in with Nathan. He’s made it clear with his distance, he’s not interested in my life. But after what happened back home, he’s my only escape from the hateful rumors and betrayals of so-called friends.

As much as I don’t want Nathan to be my safe haven, everything about him still feels like home. I need to be careful, keep my distance, and never let him find out what happened to me.   

*Standalone that follows, Nathan, (from the first 4 novels of The Forever Series) and newcomer, Kensington. 

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