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5 Stars - "A Companion Novel just as excellent as the series! It was immensely fun and heartbreaking to follow Sebastian. "

5 Stars -  "The attraction between the two had me on the edge of the couch. Will they kiss? Will they give in? Just kiss already! We know you want to!"

5 Stars - "I loved diving into Sebastian’s mind and getting his side of Risking Forever."

His side of the story

Rule 1 - Resist who I am.

Rule 2 - Resist the urge to escape.

Rule 3 - Resist the innocent beauty who takes all the wrong in my world and makes it right.


Hiring Ainsley was a mistake but firing the little beauty when she's broke seems unfair. Besides, I like being around her.

She doesn't want anything from me like everyone else. She's not aggressive or forceful. She's sweet, unexpected, and, damn, if she isn't getting under my skin.

If I’m not careful, I'll drag her into my arms, my bed, and into the dark pit of my world—a place she doesn't belong. A place I don't belong, but a place I might be able to withstand if she's with me.

*The tortured thoughts of Sebastian in Risking Forever from his point of view. (Short story with cliffhanger.) 

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