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Selena Gomez & Justin and Hailey Bieber Inspiration.

Yes. You read that correctly and I will explain but first... Spring is here or on its way!

Flowers, sun, showers, beautiful weather, and pollen galore. Allergy sufferers beware!

If you’re like me and stuck gazing longingly out the window on the most beautiful spring days, when the pollen is blowing freely, the next best thing is to sit by that window with a book! Am I right?

I don’t know about you but my mood changes toward reading as often as my fashion. A friend of mine once described me as “dressing in theme.” Sometimes my outfit is Indian inspired, or Mexican, or sweet and sexy—like my romance novels—or pajama inspired. The last one is my favorite!

When I first wrote Sebastian and Ainsley’s story (The Forever Series, volumes 1-4), it was a young adult novel set in high school. My literary agent at the time loved it, especially my gay character Lowell! His character had a much bigger part in the young adult version, but alas he's off studying fashion in Paris in the new adult version.

My point to this is I described him as “dressing in theme” in the book because his character has a lot of me in him. Bet you didn’t know that. To be honest, I can’t remember if that line made it into the new adult version that ended being published.

And on that note, I have great news! Hiding Forever: vol 7 of The Forever Series is finished and being picked through by my editor as we speak. Which means, it will be in your hands, phone, iPad, or kindle soon!

I absolutely love these characters. (inspiration collage below)

Nova and Riley

Riley was always in the shadows a bit in the first four volumes of The Forever Series. His character has been through so much and grown, but as you will soon read, he has more growing to do.

Enter Nova!

She’s the granddaughter of a Hollywood icon. Curvy, mixed ethnicity, sweet, confused, and as lost as Riley. She’s suffering, but then aren’t all my characters suffering in some way?

And now for the explanation you've been waiting for...

Stories are inspired by many different places, people, and things. Hiding Forever’s characters were inspired by Selena Gomez, and Justin and Hailey Bieber.

I know! I shocked myself with that one, too.

Don’t worry, though. The story is far from the lives of the famous artists and model--not that I know anything personal about them. As I said, the celebrity trio were simply inspiration for a fictional romance about fictional characters.

In my defense, they were blasted all over social media at the time I started the story.

Did I mention this book has kittens in it? Three to be specific.

Alright, ya'll. Yes, I just let the Florida speak out.

Stay tuned for updates on the cover reveal and release date for Hiding Forever: vol 7 (The Forever Series) by joining my mailing list here!

If you haven't read the series at all, you can start it for FREE--yes, FREE--at

What's it about you ask?

~Steamy romance

~College/work life

~Light mafia


~Sexual tension

~Flirty banter

And there are more in the series! Three different characters with three unique stories!

You can read about each of the volumes here and pick which sounds the best.

If you also like or prefer sweet romances with a fantasy and magic twist, my Fairy Tale Romance books might be for you. Learn about them here:

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