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Risking Forever-cover.jpg

The first book in the serial romance, The Forever Series. (short story with cliffhanger)

Ebook - Kindle, Apple, Nook, & Kobo

Print - Amazon 

Daring Forever- cover.jpg

 Continue the story in the steamy, suspense-filled sequel to Risking Forever: vol 1. (short story with cliffhanger)

Ebook - Kindle, Apple, Nook, & Kobo

Print - Amazon  

Claiming Forever- cover.jpg

The sizzling, heartbreaking conclusion to The Forever Series. (short story)

Ebook - Kindle, Apple, Nook, & Kobo

Print - Amazon 

The Forever Series book cover.png

Short story collection. Read the book from start to finish. (Includes Sebastian - Risking Forever.)

Ebook - Amazon Free with Kindle Unlimited. 

Print - Amazon 

Waiting Forever Vol 5 The Forever Series

Standalone that follows, Nathan, (from the first 4 novels of The Forever Series) and newcomer, Kensington.  

Ebook - Kindle Unlimited. 

Risking (545.jpg

Sebastian - Risking Forever

(The tortured thoughts of Sebastian in Risking Forever from his point of view) Short story with cliffhanger. 

Ebook - Kindle, or receive free for subscribing 

The Forever Series is a new adult college romance that contains adult language and sexual content.

**Serial RomanceRISKING FOREVER is a serial novel and one of three installments in the Forever Series. The story is continuous and meant to be read in sequential order. Risking Forever and Daring Forever end on cliffhangers with the finale ending in Claiming Forever.

Sebastian -Risking Forever: Vol 4 (Free when you join the mailing list)