**Volumes 1 - 3 are written and published as a serial romance.  They are meant to be read in sequential order but are available as a complete story in The Forever Series, serial romance collection.

Is it wrong to want what you can't have?

I don’t take risks. I can’t afford to. Yet, here I am, desperate for a job with the college senior surrounded by mafia rumors.

Sebastian Gianni is my best friend’s ongoing obsession.
She wants him. And what Harper wants Harper gets.

I just want to get out of this town and transfer to a university far away, where I can follow my own dreams and not the ones planned for me.

Sebastian is the financial key, but slowly he’s becoming more. A friend, a mystery, a temptation. I want to know his secrets and soothe the sadness I sense beneath his cool facade.

I want him, even though I shouldn't. And sometimes, I think he wants me, too.


*The first book in the serial romance, The Forever Series. (short story with cliffhanger)


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 The steamy, suspense-filled sequel to Risking Forever: vol 1. 

The alcohol didn’t make me do it. The attack by a drunk party guest didn't make me, either.

I can't even blame it on the flirty dare Sebastian gave me the moment before I claimed his lips with a kiss. While each contributed to the incident, I did it because I’m selfish.

For once in my life, I didn't think about anyone else. I let desire rule me and gave into temptation. The rest is on Sebastian.

I figured he'd be a good kisser. I just didn't know how good, or how much I’d grow to crave it—to crave him.

No one can find out about us. If they do, I could end up homeless, friendless, or, worse, in danger. It's not like what we do in secret changes anything other than my feelings for him. Sebastian is and always will be unattainable.

At least now, I know the truth about his family and why his life isn't his own.

 *short story with cliffhanger



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The sizzling, heartbreaking conclusion to The Forever Series.

It happened. I knew it would. I fell in love with Sebastian, and I told him.

His response was silence and a look of utter horror.

What did I expect, for him to love me back? He's made it clear from the beginning that can't happen.

Walking away would be the smart choice. I have dreams to follow, and a new life to start far away.

But then Sebastian springs an offer on me that’s as terrifying as it is tempting. It’ll change everything between us and everything in my life.

Do I want to do it? Yes. Am I going to? I don’t know.

When I finally decide to take the leap and follow my heart, tragedy strikes, leaving me shattered, filled with regret, and with memories of the love I had but lost.


No one prepares you for love.

You read about it in books, watch it in movies and on TV. You fantasize about that special someone, and if you’re lucky, you find him.

My great love was hidden behind a sexy smile and a tortured soul.

I never saw Sebastian coming. He was the infamous college senior at our private college. Dark rumors surrounded him, guys were afraid of him, and girls obsessed over him, my best friend included.

I just wanted a job. To my surprise, Mr. Tall, Dark and Mysterious delivered.

A friendship formed and desire followed.

We kept our distance, until we didn’t.

After that, life was a rush of sensations filled with highs and lows, accusations and betrayals, acceptance and love, and ultimately, loss.

No one prepares you for that, either. A pain so deep your soul aches.

If I hadn’t taken a risk that lead to a dare and the claiming of my heart, I wouldn’t have known Sebastian.
I wouldn’t have this story.​


*Short story collection. Read the book from start to finish. (Includes Sebastian - Risking Forever.)


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Rule 1 - Resist who I am.

Rule 2 - Resist the urge to escape.

Rule 3 - Resist the innocent beauty who takes all the wrong in my world and makes it right.


Hiring Ainsley was a mistake but firing the little beauty when she's broke seems unfair. Besides, I like being around her.

She doesn't want anything from me like everyone else. She's not aggressive or forceful. She's sweet, unexpected, and, damn, if she isn't getting under my skin.

If I’m not careful, I'll drag her into my arms, my bed, and into the dark pit of my world—a place she doesn't belong. A place I don't belong, but a place I might be able to withstand if she's with me.

*The tortured thoughts of Sebastian in Risking Forever from his point of view. (Short story with cliffhanger.) 


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Life used to be fun. College, parties, close friends, girls—one in particular, who I can’t let go no matter how hard I try.

I’m not talking about my girlfriend. That relationship lost its momentum months ago. The girl who haunts my dreams and memories from my childhood hates me. I blew her off twice for her own good.  Now she’s coming to live with me.

It’ll be torture having her so close and not be able to touch her. I’m supposed to protect her from guys with bad intentions, but who’s going to protect her from me?



I’ve adored Nathan my entire life. He was supposed to be my first everything, my forever. But after multiple rejections from him, those days are gone, along with my innocence.

I got myself into trouble, and now I need a safe place to stay until life calms down. Until my parents can forgive me, and I can forgive myself.

The last thing I want to do is move in with Nathan. He’s made it clear with his distance, he’s not interested in my life. But after what happened back home, he’s my only escape from the hateful rumors and betrayals of so-called friends.

As much as I don’t want Nathan to be my safe haven, everything about him still feels like home. I need to be careful, keep my distance, and never let him find out what happened to me.   

*Standalone that follows, Nathan, (from the first 4 novels of The Forever Series) and newcomer, Kensington.  


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